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Feature Friday - Lockdown Fatigue

Hello everyone and welcome to Feature Friday. Our focus this week is Lockdown Fatigue. I’m sure we’re all feeling a bit of this right now; I know I certainly am!

Lockdown #1, although it was a very difficult time with everything that was going on and Mr Matt having to move out for 4 months for work, actually holds many positive memories for me: glorious weather, taking Katy to swim on the beach with her mermaid tale, exploring the local footpaths with the girls, time in the garden, time to rest and reset.

Lockdown #2 didn’t come as much of a surprise after the relaxation of rules over the summer, I was prepared with a programme of classes to teach remotely, and was able to get on with other work during the day whilst the girls were at school.

Lockdown #3 is a different kettle of fish altogether now. Having come so quickly after #2, and with such a drastic change in the evolving pandemic with the new variant it, almost seems worse. Mr Matt is working in one of the hot-spots for coronavirus cases, both girls are needing support with their schoolwork at times, and I’m trying to run a full programme of classes from our little house. And to add to it all, it’s very cold and wet, so outdoor activity isn’t quite what it was during #1. Definitely no mermaid swimming sessions this time, and, unfortunately, the less I do, the less I am motivated to do and it becomes a vicious cycle.

Obviously, this is just my experience and everyone is experiencing the lockdowns in their own way, I’m sure some people are finding it easier, some a lot harder. And it can change for people from day to day. What I’m trying to say is; it’s not always easy, sometimes it’s really hard, and it’s ok to feel that way, you are not alone. It’s hard for adults and it’s hard for children. They are spending more and more time away from their friends and activities, they can’t get out to play as easily, their routine has been disrupted.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, there are things we can do to try and keep us motivated. Netdoctor has 10 proven ways to beat lockdown fatigue, the first two being exercise and routine – two things I am trying to maintain for me, my girls, and all my students. Sometimes dance feels like just another online class to have to access, but it is part of each student’s usual routine, it involves activity and movement, and a chance to see their classmates. There is also other advice for the whole family in the article so check it out here

During lockdown #1 I shared a Mental Skills workbook with accompanying video tutorials, these lead children through 7 different topics including breath and control, anxiety, motivation, and resilience amongst others. If you would like to receive another copy of this then please email me at and I will send it out. I also have a Feelings Journal for children to help them explore their feelings further and how it affects them. Again, if you would like a copy please email me and I will forward it.

As the students have all done so well in picking up the choreography I’ve been teaching them I will also look at some alternative activities that we can start doing in our online classes to change things up a bit, some different activities for everyone to keep us thinking and learning, as well as having fun!

So, at the end of this I just want to say: look after yourselves out there, eat well, sleep well, exercise and de-stress. We will get through this and out the other end, and we do have the show to look forward to!


And on a slightly different note, I want to let you know of some changes to the Feature Friday articles. Firstly, as you may have noticed, these have now moved to our blog page on the website. This is to make them more accessible to everyone, not just the parents of students or adult students who receive the emails. Everyone can access the website to have a look at the current article and past articles as they will all now be in one place.

They won’t always be on a Friday either going forward – I know a lot of people are starting to settle down for the weekend by Friday evening and don’t necessarily want to start reading their emails! So, keep an eye out now for:

  • Technique Tuesday

  • Wellbeing Wednesday

  • Theory Thursday and our regular

  • Feature Friday

But, can anyone think of something for Mondays? What would you like to see there? Mischief Monday? Motivation Monday? Let me know your ideas.

There won’t be an abundance of blog posts heading your way – I still have to find time to write these in between helping with home schooling, running the dance school and everything else! We will continue with a couple a month but now on varying days.

Let me know what you think of our new blog page and I will see you next month with some new content.

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